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Declarative, code-first and strongly typed GraphQL schema construction for TypeScript & JavaScript.


npm install nexus graphql

Note you must also add graphql. Nexus pins to it as a peer dependency.


  • Expressive, declarative API for building schemas
  • Full type-safety for free
  • Powerful plugin system
  • No need to re-declare interface fields per-object
  • Optionally possible to reference types by name (with autocomplete)
    Rather than needing to import every single piece of the schema
  • Interoperable with vanilla graphql-js types, and it's just a GraphQLSchema
    So it fits in just fine with existing community solutions of apollo-server, graphql-middleware, etc.
  • Inline function resolvers
    For when you need to do simple field aliasing
  • Auto-generated graphql SDL schema
    Great for when seeing how any code changes affected the schema
  • DRY-up schema design
    Create higher level "functions" which wrap common fields


import { queryType, stringArg, makeSchema } from 'nexus' import { GraphQLServer } from 'graphql-yoga' const Query = queryType({ definition(t) { t.string('hello', { args: { name: stringArg() }, resolve: (parent, { name }) => `Hello ${name || 'World'}!`, }) }, }) const schema = makeSchema({ types: [Query], outputs: { schema: __dirname + '/generated/schema.graphql', typegen: __dirname + '/generated/typings.ts', }, }) const server = new GraphQLServer({ schema, }) server.start(() => `Server is running on http://localhost:4000`)

More examples can be found in the /examples directory:


You can find the docs for Nexus here.

Migrate from SDL

If you've been following an SDL-first approach to build your GraphQL server and want to see what your code looks like when written with GraphQL Nexus, you can use the SDL converter.